Replacing or Overlaying a Flat Roof?

When a flat roof starts leaking, clients often assume that the entire roof needs to be replaced. If the existing roof covering or structural components have completely failed or a vapour control layer is missing or damaged, then a complete replacement would be the chosen refurbishment solution.

In many cases though, clients do not have the budget for a complete replacement and cannot afford the internal disruption that would take place as a result. Equally having to undertake the work in a certain time frame (e.g. school holidays) restricts the suitability of a replacement solution. Undertaking a roof condition survey would confirm if the existing roof is suitable to form the basis for an overlay which would provide savings through labour, materials and waste disposal.


Kent Substation - Felt (2)

Felt Overlay – Kent

Morden Felt 2016 After

Felt overlay – Morden








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