Project Secured – Croydon Manufacturing Plant

We are pleased to bring you news of our latest secured project:

Client Type: Foam Manufacturer

Building Type: Industrial Factory

Location: Croydon

Approximate size: 3,400 sq.m

Brief Project Description: The ageing roof covering had been suffering long term water ingress with a multitude of defects caused by general weathering and previous poor levels of repair work. Severe flooding has also been experienced due to a lack of rainwater system maintenance.

We investigated the possibilities of Oversheeting or Replacing the existing roof coverings however site logistics, durations and associated costs unfortunately rendered these unviable.

We were therefore challenged with providing a list of remedial works that would improve the current roof condition by alleviating ingress, improving drainage performance whilst also maintaining a weathertight building during the project. We also recommended a permanent access system to encourage regular guttering maintenance in the future.

Valley gutter linings of increased capacity are being installed and regular planned maintenance will help alleviate the previous risks of water overflowing along with costs associated with downtime, machinery maintenance and stock damage.

Natural lighting within the factory had gradually deteriorated over many years and therefore new translucent sheets have been installed to restore a more comfortable working environment, hopefully also contributing to a reduction in energy costs.

Other works have included replacing existing sheet fasteners, damaged sheets, flashings with fillers and application of a roof coating system to provide a weathertight building with extended life expectancy.

Mobilisation of scaffold and internal safety netting for the project commenced during a small window of a planned shutdown period and our works have been going on since. To suit the client we have phased the works and we look forward to commencing phase 2 shortly.







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