Economy and Industry in Gloucestershire

Cheltenham has light industry, including food processing, aerospace, electronics and tourism businesses. The government’s electronic surveillance operation Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), renowned for its “doughnut-shape” building, is in Cheltenham. Various major companies all have sites in and around Cheltenham.


Before World War II, Yate had an aircraft manufacturing industry with a grass aerodome. Following WWII, the factory turned to the manufacture of domestic goods and was famous for its washing machines.


RoofTech in Gloucestershire

RoofTech supple expert roofing refurbishment services within the southern counties of England, with Gloucestershire being overseen by two of our experienced surveyors.


Over the years, RoofTech have undertaken various oversheet, felt and gutter refurbishment projects for large manufacturing companies, electrical wholesalers and schools, to name but a few.