Economy and Industry in Devon

Historically Devon has been disadvantaged economically compared to other parts of Southern England, owing to the decline of a number of core industries, notably fishing, mining and farming. Agriculture has been an important industry in Devon since the 19th century, with a strong local food sector and many artisan producers.

The attractive lifestyle of the area is drawing in new industries which are not heavily dependant upon geographical location. Dartmoor, for instance, has recently seen a significant rise in the percentage of its inhabitants involved in the financial services sector.


RoofTech in Devon

RoofTech deliver expert roofing refurbishment services within the southern counties of England, with Devon being overseen by one of our skilled surveyors.

Over the years, RoofTech have undertaken various oversheet, strip & resheet and felt refurbishment projects for large electronic companies, property consultants, electrical goods distributors and schools, to name but a few.


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