Economy and Industry in Bristol

As a major seaport, Bristol has a long history of trading commodities, originall wool cloth exports and imports of fish, wine, grain, dairy produce and later tobacco, tropical fruits and plantation goods. Major imports now are motor vehicles, grain, timber, fresh produce and petroleum products. As well as Bristol’s nautical connections, the city’s economy is reliant on the aerospace industry, defence, the media, information technology, financial services sector and tourism.

The Defense headquarters are at Abbey Wood, Filton and the site employs 7,000-8,000 staff. Although Bristol’s economy is no longer reliant upon the Port of Bristol, the city is the largest importer of cars to the UK. The financial services sector employs a large number of people in the city, and the high tech sector is also important, with 50 micro-electronics and silicon design companies.

In the 20th Century, Bristol’s manufacturing activities expanded to include aircraft productiong at Filton, and aero-engine manufacture at Patchway. The aerospace industry remains a major segment of the local economy. The major aerospace companies in Bristol are all based at Filton, and aerospace engineering is a prominent research area at the nearby University of the West of England.


RoofTech in Bristol

RoofTech offer specialised roofing refurbishment services to the southern counties of England, with Bristol being managed by two of our skilled surveyors.

Over the years, RoofTech have undertaken various felt, single ply, gutter, sheeting and rooflight refurbishment projects for large leading manufacturers, engineering firms, freight companies and window suppliers, to name but a few.

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