The Benefits of Torch-on Felt Roofing

The best roofing solutions for your premises is something you have to consider carefully. Whether it’s your factory, warehouse or other commercial premises which needs its roof replacing, you need to consider the choices available to you. From a business perspective you want a solution which is long lasting and durable but also suits your budget. You want a roof which doesn’t require regular repairs and can be easily fixed if there are any issues.

There are a wide range of different roofing options but torch on felt roofing is increasingly popular because of the benefits it offers. Professionally fitted, you can enjoy the following benefits from this kind of roofing solution:

Easy to Apply

Torch on felt roofing is fuss free and easy to install, if you’re a professional of course. When you invest in torch on felt roofing it can be applied quickly and efficiently by your chosen contractor. Repairs, which are rarely necessary can be made easily too.  When you look at alternatives like GRP roofing for example, you’ll find the application process is easy but it is heavily reliant on weather conditions, as it cannot be fitted in wet weather. With the temperamental nature of the UK seasons, torch on felt roofing is a convenient option, with no limitations dependent on rain or shine.

Strong and Durable

Torch on felt roofing has become known for its long lasting durability. This kind of roofing is not effected by UV rays or hot sunlight and equally protects against wind and rain. It is durable so falling twigs, debris or branches do not run the risk of piercing its surface. This kind of roofing can even be walked upon in some instances, if necessary.

Long Term Value

Torch on felt roofing is not the cheapest option on the market but the long term value it offers makes it a smart choice. There are more expensive options out there such as GRP roofing, and whilst it has additional benefits, it is understandable that you want a cost effective solution. Felt roofing is an affordable middle ground option. It is designed to protect against all weather conditions and is resistant to tears and leaks. This long term value also equals low maintenance which is something many businesses see as a considerable plus point, offering a saving on their long-term budget.

Versatile Design

A torch on felt roof is a viable option for many different types of roof. It can be applied to a wide range of different roofing surfaces, not just flat roofs. You can choose it for curved or pitched roofs too so it is worth considering whatever kind of roofing you’re considering. When you choose to work with an expert roofing company you can also ask their advice about the kind of roofing required and what would work best for your premises.

In most instances, if a roof is in relatively good condition and shape and still mainly flat with no rough patches or holes, then the new felt roofing material can be applied with ease. This is especially handy when it comes to saving money as you can avoid the costs of tearing off the old roof and the removal of the material.

Working with a professional roofing installer means your needs can be fully assessed and if torch on felt roofing is an appropriate option, you can talk through the process and decide whether it’s right for you.


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