Asbestos-Cement Roof Replacement in Horsham

RoofTech have recently completed the successful replacement of an old asbestos-cement pitched roof (2,800 sq.metres) where the client had suffered many years of water ingress and carried out many costly patch repairs.

Horsham 2016 Before

Original Asbestos-Cement Roof

The building contained rented storage units and therefore it was of high importance that the job was handled with great care to ensure the roof remained weathertight, the internal environment kept clean of debris, asbestos air monitoring carried out to ensure safe levels and demarcation to restrict access of staff & customers directly below our works at all times.

Kingspan insulated composite panels and a new layout of factory assembled insulated rooflights were installed to provide a new internal appearance with enhanced natural lighting and reflection from the white panel lining.

Horsham 2016 After

New Kingspan Insulated Composite Roof


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