Asbestos Cement Profiled Roof Refurbishment

There are over 1 million non-domestic buildings in the UK covered with profiled asbestos roofs averaging over 300m2 in size. Many of these roofs are difficult to maintain as they will be in a fragile or damaged condition.

Removal of these coverings can seem an expensive option but RoofTech would always recommend replacement of these roofs to those customers who can afford it. Replacing the roof with a Kingspan composite panel results in a much nicer aesthetic internal appearance and comes with a 25 year structural and thermal performance guarantee and up to 30 years coating guarantee.

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Should you have an asbestos roof but cannot afford to replace it and are looking for a cheaper long term solution, RoofTech can offer an over-sheeting alternative. Whilst this solution still requires the same Health & Safety requirements (scaffolding access & internal safety netting fall protection), the use of specialist bar/bracket systems negate the expensive operation of asbestos disposal. Brackets are available in various heights enabling RoofTech to install the correct depth of insulation to meet with building regulations. The single skin sheet which is fixed to the spacer system comes with up to 30 years coating guarantee.

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