Flat Roof + Mansard Refubishment – Swindon

RoofTech have been awarded a project in Blagrove, Swindon which includes the following work:

  • Overlaying the Asphalt parapet gutter with a built-up felt system.
  • Overlaying the Main Asphalt Roof with a built-up felt system including new insulation to meet current Building Regulations.
  • Replacing the existing Mansard and Tank House coverings with new insulation and a glued single ply system with standing seam details at 1,000mm centres.

RoofTech will be providing both a workmanship and a manufacturer’s guarantee upon completion of the works which are due to commence next week.

Please contact RoofTech should you have any similar requirements or for any other industrial and commercial projects that we may be able to assist you with.