Roof Oversheet – Isleworth

RoofTech are currently undertaking an oversheeting project for a manufacturer in Isleworth, Middlesex.

The project is over 1,000m2 and involves stripping glazed panels and support bars, infilling the void with new steel decking sheets prior to oversheeting the whole area using a lightweight galvanised steel spacer bar system, glassfibre quilt insulation and new roof covering of 0.7mm thick plastisol coated steel sheets.

Purpose made plastisol coated steel flashings will be supplied to form seals at the ridge, eaves and verge, all secured to the roof sheeting and spacer bar system as necessary.

The existing eaves gutter is being stripped and replaced with a ‘Highline’ type fascia gutter hung off the roof sheets using spcifically profiled support brackets. New uPVC rainwater pipes will be installed to drain at ground level.

isleworth before