Construction Skills Certification Scheme


As professional roofing contractors, we recognise the need to demonstrate that our site operatives, supervisors and contract manager are competent persons in respect of their job responsibilities, as a result RoofTech are proud to announce the accreditation of all their staff with the Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS).

The members of the

Major Contractors Group

are committed to having a fully qualified workforce and in order to support this the


have collaborated with both the

CITB Construction Skills


Construction Skills Certification Scheme

to provide proof of trade skills and acquire basic health and safety knowledge relating to working on construction sites by way of a touch screen test.

CSCS cards list the holder’s qualifications and are valid for either three or five years. It also shows they have health and safety awareness as all cardholders have to pass the appropriate CITB-ConstructionSkills Health and Safety Test.

Most contractors and clients now demand proof of competence, before allowing workers onto their sites, which is provided by a CSCS card. Not having a CSCS card may affect your ability to work on certain sites.